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Our videos allow you to make elaborate ideas or processes
easily and rapidly accessible.

Here is what you will get...

Access to our powerful
Script Creation Tool

Professional voiceover to tell your story (male, female, accent, it's up to you)

Optimization of your script
by an expert copywriter

Personalized characters
for a unique feel

But what that means is...

You tell your story in a compelling way

A professional and modern touch
to your brand

More visitors staying on your site

Better user experience,
meaning more engagement

More conversions, more sales!

Explain clearly what you do with an explainer video!

The increase in conversion when adding a video
range from 25% to 200%...

Our expertise in script creation will get you to
the top of the range!


We can also create videos in Spanish and French, as we speak these languages!

Professional Voiceover

Want a male voice with a British accent, or a female voice with an American accent?
We have it all.  

Fast delivery

Get your video in a week!

You’re in charge

We will be with you all the way during the project to make sure everything is on track with your vision.

Pricing (early adopter)

Dedicated manager with you all the time
Dedicated manager with you all the time
Access to our powerful Script Creation Tool
Script optimization by an expert copywriter
Professional voiceover
Video ready in a week
Video Ranked #1 on Google
$495 up to 80 words (about 30 seconds)
$695 up to 240 words (about 90 seconds)
$1,295 up to 240 words (about 90 seconds)
7 day Money Back Guarantee
Prices in USD.

Need more info or you have a specific question?
Chat with us!

These videos can't be wrong!

"Marketers spend a lot of time driving traffic to their website. But if these destinations don't entice prospective customers into your sales funnel, and educate and convert them into customers, you are wasting your time."

Neil Patel is the co-founder of KISSmetrics and Crazyegg

"The design trend towards simplicity and accessibility happened for a reason: simple sells, simple's usable and simple scales."

Rand Fishkin is the CEO of MOZ

"Really impressed with Video Intro Maker. Swift turnaround in creating and delivering amends providing us with 3 high quality videos that brought our vision to life.
We love the videos!"

Ellie Box is the Sales and Marketing Executive at CloudThing

"Thanks and great work. Video is superb and we are very happy with it. No changes needed.
It has been a pleasure to work with you on this and I wish you the best of luck!"

Patrick McDonald is the CEO of Foto Store


What comes with the $50 deposit?

Once you pay the deposit we will get in touch with you to set up a 20-30 minutes Strategy Call.

We will discuss what you would like to accomplish with the video, and what style of video would fit best your company image.

We will also guide you to create a script that help you reach the end-goal you're aiming toward.

What are the possible uses of these videos?

At Video Intro Maker, we create explainer videos that can be used for:

- Storytelling videos
- Whiteboard animations
- Landing pages
- Software demo videos
- Tutorial videos
- e-commerce videos
- Onboarding tutorial videos
- Health and safety videos
- Internal training

What will the video format be?

You will receive a Dropbox link to download your final video in HD mp4 format. 
Mp4 is the most common format used to upload videos to Youtube or any other video platform.

Will I have full rights to the videos?


We will transfer the commercial rights of the video to you, purchasing a “Rights Transfer” on the GoAnimate platform which is $79, already included in the price. 

You will be able to use the videos anywhere you like, from your site to a TV ad. 

Tell me more about ranking my video #1 on Google

If you choose the extended package, not only will we create an awesome video for you, but we will also put it on top of Google for the keywords of your choice.

So what are you waiting for?
Stop wasting your time trying to get your video seen online and turn it over to the pros!

Note: While we are confident in our process, nothing works 100% of the time. We are not going to guarantee you that your video is going to rank 1#, especially if you come to us with an unrealistic keyword like "How to make money online" or "Lose weight".
Unfortunately because we do not control Google we can never guarantee results and no SEO service online can do this as well.
However, we will send a ton of valuable links to your video which should be strong enough to outrank most of your competition.

Any hidden costs?

Nope. The price of the video depends on the number of words, as you can see on the pricing table above.
Simple pricing, no surprises.

Up to 10 corrections are included per video. 

Why is your service so much cheaper?

We only use the GoAnimate platform to create our videos. We specialize in it. 

Using their graphics, we are able to explain a very wide variety of concepts and ideas, and create motion in many ways. 
However we can’t create moving graphics on demand, we will have to use the ones from the GoAnimate library – which is the best animation software and growing every day. This has never been an issue so far. 

Uploading images such as your logo, any product pictures or videos such as recordings of your screen is possible. 

What matters to you is that we can divide manyfold the delivery time and the price tag of agencies!

Check out the video below to understand why our cartoon maker is the perfect solution for you:

What if I need a shorter version of my video?

No problem!
Once your original video is created and you're happy with it, we will make cuts to adapt the video to your desired length and synchronize the music.
We only ask for $45 for each additional cut.

Where can I use the video?

Our explainer videos are perfect for your website homepage, Youtube, any social platforms, or to set the tone at the start of your presentations or events.

What payment system do you use?

We use Stripe and PayFacile, which are simple and very reliable payment systems. 
If you haven't heard of them, you will very soon. 
You can check them for yourself here and here.

Where are you based?

We're based in 23 Avenue Saint Lazare in Montpellier, south of France, but as a location independent business you can find us all over the world!

Meet the team

Jonathan Magnin

Founder and CEO

Since starting Video Intro Maker, it's been a lot of fun to create a powerful system that democratizes the custom video production process, making it accessible to small businesses with small budgets. 

My work is split between growing the company and working on all areas of product, design and customer happiness.
I also love to write about productivity, future trends and travel, while supporting the Digital Nomad community and people in transition.

Tracey Tong

Content Specialist

I'm an award-winning journalist with over 15 years in newspapers and communications. I'm a former managing editor at Metro News and I have contributed stories on business, politics, technology, science, healthcare and the arts to dozens of publications all over North America.
I live in Ottawa, Canada, where I love to run marathons, play piano and cello. I also really like dogs :)

Tess Fazio

Business Development

I'm passionate about working with start-ups and small businesses; I love the challenge and variety it brings, and the excitement of growth and of helping businesses find creative ways to meet their needs and goals. 

When I'm not talking marketing strategy with you, you'll most likely find me traveling, cooking, reading, or snapping pictures.

Video Intro Maker 

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