How to Choose the Right Production for your Animated Explainer Videos

September 24, 2017

A great explainer video will place you a stage higher than your competitors. As you seek to draw the attention of audiences and keep them watching the video, look for a reputable production house, or at least one that produce happy clients.

This way, you too will convert more passive internet visitors into curious and active ones by a striking first impression. 

The following are points to consider before creating your explainer video.


What is your budget?

The amount of money you want to spend on an explainer video is perhaps the biggest consideration. It is tricky settling for a certain budget. While cheap companies may not produce the best quality, you want to avoid being ripped off by expensive productions. 

Avoid templates at much as possible, as the viewer will know that you opted for a cheap option that doesn’t really give a feel of your company and add any value.

Decide on how much you want to spend even before you approach a production company. Do not let the urge to have a video soon push you to settle for substandard services. The last thing you want is an explainer video that doesn't fit your image after spending an arm and a leg for it.

On the other hand, pricey services may guarantee you a product that brings returns on investment faster. It’s about doing that research ahead, checking their site and blog, their customer testimonials… let's look into these now.


The portfolio of the company

Before you give the prospective company any instructions, look at a number of other explainer videos that they have created in the past. These past assignments should give you an idea of the company’s skills.

Think also that while an explainer video may look appealing to you, it may not be likeable to all your customers. Therefore, once you receive the company's script, it is a good thing to ask a third party like your friends knowledgeable in marketing to review the scripts. If most of them like the work, that will validate your script even more. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience and decide if the video appeals to its needs and desires.


Talk to previous clients

Once you have learnt of the company’s past clients, nothing prevents you from calling them up or sending them an email. While some of them could be your competitors, it's quite unlikely, they will usually be in a different industry. Whatever the case, hear their opinion on their business relationship with your prospective production company. If that looks a bit too much for you, scan at least the social media platforms of the video company in search for past clients feedback.

This is a golden chance to learn the pricing, portfolio, and other details that might make or break the deal. If a majority of past clients liked the work, you should be safe to trust the company for your explainer video.


Can the company tell a story within few seconds?

An explainer video runs for a very short time - 30 to 90 seconds most of the time. You need to appeal to your audience as effectively as possible within this short time. Therefore, find out if your prospective company can actually condense a lengthy idea into a short story.

While most video production companies can make high quality videos, few have talented scriptwriters. Making a video is not simply mastering the digital tool and video editing procedures. It is more about what goes into those few seconds. The script should be memorable for viewers and flow seamlessly.

Therefore, ask them for ideas that they wish to create in the explainer video. Ask them what usual plan or structure they use for the scripts. Whatever happens, the story should grab the attention of viewers quickly at the beginning. And the middle should grip viewers enough that they want to follow through the end.  


What are their communication skills?

While you’re gathering information about your future video, if the company can’t communicate their ideas to you easily, what makes you think that they will communicate your ideas to thousands of people within a limited time?

Desirable skills that the producers should possess include clear and straightforward communication, patience and attention to detail.

Pay attention to these while prospecting!


Call to action

As you inch closer to settling for a production company, let the developers of your explainer video call upon viewers to take some action. There should be a real reason why people need to look at your products and services, and not mere curiosity.

Back that up with the needed contact or next steps to guide seamlessly the viewer to the action you wish her to take.



Those were the few things that need to be considered before signing up with a video production company.

We hope that with these recommendations and a bit of gut feeling you’ll just find the right option for your animated explainer video!

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