What is the Best Animation Software on the Market?

September 24, 2017

Many things in this world move – the leaves of a tree move, people move, and our eyes are designed to react on movement.

Animation is all around us, and when an artist can reflect this reality graphically, it makes us all look at the world a little differently. There are plenty of animation software on the market, some free, some incredibly expensive and some that are simply worthless. As animation is an important art form, let’s have a look at your current options.


Adobe Ilustrator CC

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     Illustrator has had an incredible grip on the industry, both creatively and financially. Adobe is one of the first companies to dish out digital enhancing software, whether it be PhotoShop, LightRoom or the incredible and simple graphic animation that comes along with Illustrator. In addition to being sensible through its interface, the software is also financially savvy. If you’re an animator and are constantly getting a flow of projects coming your way, Illustrator offers a program where you pay a low monthly charge as opposed to constantly paying a large lump sum for new software.


ZBrush 4R6

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     ZBrush 4R6 is the birth child of Pixologic and in the early 2000s, almost every movie within the mainstream film industry was using the incredible program. Animation is complex, and when ZBrush 4R6 came along, they essentially simplified the program by ditching all of the old rules and introducing to the world the art of ‘graphic sculpting’. 

ZBrush is definitely still popular today, and with the innovation that Pixologic brought to the industry, it’s hard to tell how animation could possibly be made simpler. Perhaps one day another software will come along with an even more revolutionary idea, but in the meantime, let’s all sit back and enjoy the wonderful films that ZBrush brought to us.



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     If there’s one software that has constantly been responding to change and innovation, it’s Maya. Being a 3D animator is an incredibly fun job, but one thing to remember is that you’re constantly in a state of learning. Because of this, a 3D animator’s work is never done, but with the help of Maya you can stay on top by using the same software as Academy Award winning films. That isn’t to say that Maya is exclusively for 3D animators – in 2005, the software expanded and acquired the software Autodesk, and ever since the company has constantly been expanding their software, leading to new and exciting ways to bring life to the screen, including 2D animation.


Toon Boom Studio 8

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     Speaking of 2D animation, Toon Boom Studio 8 is the holy mecca for animators who love the look and feel of the second dimension. In a world saturated with 3D animations, from Shrek to How to Train Your Dragon, there is a call as great as the dawn of animation for the classic aesthetic of 2D. The style is still alive today and Toon Boom is known throughout the world to have assisted in many TV shows as well as movies. The program is also one of the very few in the industry to solely focus on this style of design, and with a growing list and constant innovation with each update, it’s likely that Toon Boom will remain the best in this area.


Unity Pro 4

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     Unity Pro started off as a platform for the gaming animation, gathering clients such as Xbox, Wii, PlayStation and even Android, but as of late the animation has been used for its general, smooth appeal. If you’re in the gaming industry, then it’s more than likely that you’ll have to use Unity Pro for at least one of your projects. The good thing about Unity is that it has incredible variability. From the cartoony 3D animation of the Super Mario franchise to the realistic effects in Assassin’s Creed, Unity not only has the ability to show off all of its colors, but is also a helpful hand in making iconic looks.


3ds Max

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     3ds Max is known to create a fascinating array of different platforms. This software has been respected in the industry since the beginning of animation, making it a pioneering force for others to follow. With updates that are easy to adapt to, the program is not only a great place for artists to grow their mind and learn new tricks, but also maintain a relatively comfortable foundation for that learning.


Adobe Photoshop CS6

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     Illustrator isn’t the only software that Adobe dishes out – Photoshop has been the centerpiece for animation and imaging editing software since its conception, and for good reason. It was invented with the purpose of fixing any kind of problem, whether it be through images or video, and with a few basic tweaks the software was well on its way to being as close to perfection that a software could possibly be. 

Because of this, the company put themselves at an awkward position of selling a product to the small market of graphic designers essentially, once. Adobe Photoshop is tied with a guaranteed lifetime warranty, and as a consequence, the company has made monthly charges the mandatory form of payment.



     There are a lot of different programs to look at besides the ones included on this list, which doesn’t necessarily make it definitive since "best animation software" can be a subjective term, but if you’re looking for the most well-liked and revolutionary products, then look no further.


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