8 Fundamentals to Increase the Conversions of your Website

September 24, 2017

It’s incredible how much people spend on marketing these days. 

Consider the recent Super Bowl. Thirty seconds of ad time costs more than $5 million. But the companies that can afford that ad time know its value, they know it will bring thousands of visitors to their site between other benefits such as strengthening their brand.

However bringing people to your site is just one side of the coin. Once they arrive, you need to make those visits count. And that is where conversions are everything.

Just to clarify, it’s all well and good if you get visitors to your website, likes on Facebook, followers on Twitter and people signing up to receive your emails, but in the end, none of it means anything if you don’t see a good conversion rate on what makes sense to you, which is usually selling what you offer.

In the world of e-commerce, conversion is about turning visitors – the person who casually stumbles onto your site, readers of your accompanying blog, fans of your product – into paying customers who will buy your stuff. While social media likes are great for increasing the popularity of your site, they don't actually put money in your company’s pocket. 

So here are a few tips to increase the conversions of your site:

1 - Keep your site simple to navigate

If your website is so original that it takes 10 seconds to figure out where is the menu, think again. With an attention span of a few seconds, your visitors won't try for long. Prefer a classical structure than a fancy one if it takes more than a few seconds to find out how it works.

2 - Keep the design relatively minimalist

Right now, a minimalist design is all the rage. It's classy. It doesn't get on the way. It just works. 

Some ways you can get in on the trend is to use one big, high-quality image instead of many small ones. 

Use white space.

Don't include too many links. If every other word is hyperlinked, it's terrible for your reader.

3 - Include video

It’s a fact of our world today: people are impatient. They have short attention spans and they don’t like to read as it takes actually some efforts to do so... Since you're reading this, thanks for your efforts :)

Videos solve both of those problems. Videos will attract people as watching a video is a way of least resistance, it keeps them glued to it, and increases your conversion rates. 

Good videos are fun to watch, easy to digest and will get people to bookmark your site to return again for more content. They also boost your Google rankings and your online visibility!

For live video, video production costs may sound expensive at first, but when you take into account the possible return on investment through the increased conversion rate, it can turn out to be affordable.

Live video makes people feel as though they are getting an authentic, up-close-and-personal look at your product or service (video tours fall under this category). Live video gives insight into your business, so that customers can see how you operate, what your business is about... And when they can relate to your business, they are more likely to become customers.  A great example would be the Slack video that they used to have on their front page - find it here for a good fun.

An animated video on the other hand can't give you a real feel of how is your office, but it can help you explain more easily your product or service especially if you're selling anything online. It's also cheaper to create. If you’re looking to get a unique animated video, consider our service – we can create a state of the art video in only a week :)

4 - Go for quality

If this is right, Video Intro Maker would be impossible...?

You can repurpose content to populate your site for cheap, or go for quality content that will delight to your potential clients. Go for the latter as much as possible – like video, quality content will keep your clients loyal to you when it’s time to make a buy.

5 - Include testimonials

Every time you get a satisfied customer, ask for feedback in the form of an email, note or better, a video. Take screenshots of Facebook comments and post (with permission) the photos of your clients. When potential clients go onto your website and see people just like them who are happy with the service that you’ve provided, they are way more likely to become customers themselves.

6 - Get back to customers within 24 hours

Be accessible. When customers have a question and come to your website, they should be able to reach you in more than one way. Have an email address (that you monitor very regularly), Twitter handle, Facebook account or live chat where they can send their questions and where you can reply quickly. When customers want to make a buy, don’t slow them down by making them wait for an answer.

7 - Include a relevant Call To Action

A call to action tells the client to do something. “Order today,” “Request more information by clicking here,” and “Subscribe to our videos” all tell visitors to do something, and get them closer to buying from you. 

Have a call to action button somewhere easy to spot. Set it up in a way that it's the logical next step for them to take.

8 - Entice web visitors with a discount or an incentive                                                             

Thank your clients for visiting your website by offering a web exclusive. Make it clear that you appreciate their visit and give them a code that they can enter at the checkout to get a percentage off their total spend, offer free shipping, you name it. When it makes sense, add a deadline so that they won’t sit on the offer forever.

I hope these tips to increase your website conversions were useful to you. If you have any questions, book a free strategy call in my calendar here, and we'll talk about your project.

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