Why Creating a Video Online?

September 24, 2017

So you’re looking to develop your website. You’ve got the content, a good, strong writer, a well-read blog and an excellent photographer. You have links to all of your social media networks so that you can get new followers, and followers can find your homepage. What next?

If you haven’t considered using video, you’re missing out. Every website and company worth its salt will have video these days, for the simple reason that it’s the way of the future. Beyond that reason is the simple fact that it works.

The main reason why you should use video is that people have shorter attention spans than they did in the past - basically as short as a goldfish, if not shorter...

Call us spoiled, but we’re used to being entertained while getting news, eating dinner, working, and even riding on public transit. Commercials are expected to be informative and humorous at the same time to get a tiny bit of our attention.

So in these conditions, not many people will want to sit and read reams of text when they can get a better information and feel from a 30-second video. It’s not just young people, either – people of all ages are concerned.

So just for your information, here are some things you need to take into consideration while shopping around for videos:


Don’t make your videos too long

Why not? Well, I think you guessed that one. When you win the attention of someone, don't make them lose interest right away by offering them to watch a 10 minutes video...

Yes, video can definitely replace written text

As we stated earlier, most people aren’t interested in reading more than a few lines of text online, and even if they really enjoy the subject, the sight of rows and rows of copy will turn them off, and drive them to another site instead as quickly as a click of a mouse. 

So how much can a video say? Some ultra smart people took the expression of "a picture is worth a thousand words", and multiply it somehow by the frame rate of a video to come up with some nonsense number like a few million words.

In order to get the maximum impact with your video, be selective in what you include. Everything needs to make sense and follow a natural flow.

You can use a video to explain your business idea, to establish what your brand is all about, talk about the product or service you are providing, introduce your staff, explain the origins of your company, or even to do an annual business report. 

The possibilities are endless, but keep in mind that it will be easier to have a simple goal for each of your videos. One "Call To Action" will not bring any confusion, and if you would like the viewers to take different actions, make several videos, you'll be much more successful this way.

Video will drive more traffic to your website

No website has "too much" traffic, and including video will almost certainly give it a boost. Have you noticed that when you do a search on Google, you have the choice of searching websites that have videos related to your search? People want videos, so if your website has one that comes up, they are more likely to visit it. Google - which owns Youtube - loves videos, and adding some to your site will make it come up more in the results. People will more likely share videos on Facebook and Twitter rather than articles or images, which puts the word out about your site yet again.


Consider where you will host the video for maximum efficiency

Youtube is best to get traffic, but there are other options such as Wistia’s platform which is quite more beautiful or Vimeo, with many options such as making them private which can be useful if you have online courses. 

For a better understanding of these hosting options, you could check this article and video from the DIY Video Guy.


You can build your brand with video

Video allows you to transmit a certain personality, giving your company, services or products a flavor, a tone, which are pretty difficult to transmit through text or images.

Not impossible of course, but easier to do with video. Especially our videos. With the savoir-faire of a wine-grower and the elegance of a hipster fashion designer, we'll get the job done well and in a blink :) 

Wanna check what we could do for you? Book a call on my calendar here, and we'll chat about your project!

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