How to Boost Customer Engagement with an Explainer Video

November 12, 2017

With the attention span of a fish, we're getting terrible at paying attention to anything that doesn't entertain us immediately.

What many companies fail to do is engage with their customers on a personal level. 

Luckily, this gap can be bridged with the help of video on your site, breaking the ice just as you would do face to face with offering your visitor a fresh drink.

By adding a well-made video to your website, you will be holding the attention of your visitors for a longer amount of time – that’s the magic of video.  

Many studies have shown that the effectiveness of a video can be really striking. 

We simply don’t like to read. In fact, on average only 20% of the words on a webpage are read per visit… basically the headlines. 

So go for video to get attention!

Furthermore, video is fun!

By adding a fun touch to your video, you catch the attention of your visitor in seconds and you're becoming memorable. 

Down the line, present your company message in a clear and simple way, reflecting your core values and mission statements while your visitor is passively getting entertained.


Decide the next steps to take

In addition to making the message simple and fun to watch, you need to have a strong Call To Action at the end of your video. 

These CTA can be a link to subscribe to your newsletter, to browse your product page, or simply to purchase a specific item - whatever it is your company is trying to accomplish, the videos should direct the customer in an easy and logical way to take the action you wish her to take. It's obvious that text can simply not compete with this engagement level.

Video allows big conversion rate increases... Not convinced? Check the testimonial below from Smart Insights.


Videos are a must-have today

YouTube is the second search engine right after Google and growing fast year after year.

55% of people consume videos thoroughly - the highest amount all types of content (Hubspot, 2016), not to mention the fact that videos simply make viewers more comfortable.

Also, adding videos to your website will increase its ranking on Google, thus funneling more potential buyers to you.

And a recent study showed that half of 18 to 34 year old YouTube subscribers would drop what they’re doing to watch a new video by their favorite creator. (Google, 2016 from "The Youtube generation study").


Regardless of your industry, if explaining how your product or service works takes more than a line of text, you might want to make a stronger impression with a compelling video on your main page. 


Because technology has made animated videos more affordable than ever, you can now spend quite less than you would have spent a few years ago. However it doesn't mean that finding a quality service is easier.

Look around carefully and pick the right option for you, your time spent researching will be worth it – and who knows, we might be your final pick!​

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