How to Generate More ROI For Small Businesses With Video Marketing

October 23, 2018

Brands need to invest in video marketing. Yes, tell us something we don’t know.


The rise of the digital era ushered the fame of video as a powerful source of information, and as a marketing tool that is capable of reaching countless members of the target audience. It’s a competent addition to every marketing strategy you can think of. And as the years keep piling on, video marketing grows in power as an advertising tool.

Image credit - Hubspot
Image credit - Hubspot

The internet is now overcrowded with content options, and the modern consumers’ attention span has boiled down to a measly 8 seconds.

It’s time to use video marketing effectively to multiply your marketing ROI.


Host Your Own Production


When we say video production, the seemingly complicated process of shooting movies come to mind for some people. There’s the camera crew to think about, the director, your talents, the voice-overs, the constant moving around, and just the general organized chaos that happens in the middle of a movie set.


But hello, it’s 2018 (soon to end and will usher 2019). Video production isn’t as complicated as some would like to believe.Thanks to our highly capable smartphones, a large video production crew doesn’t have to be necessarily present.


With the use of competent phones, sometimes all small businesses really need is a small but capable in-house production team. Creating a video for marketing your brand -- and your products -- is easier than it once was.


There are a lot of affordable and reasonably priced tools available in the market. There are ones that come for free too. There are tools that let you record your screen and your voice over in one click. And there are also tools that can help you create videos about your products or services. These are just few of the many.


Nevertheless, while small video productions done in-house will cost less than a massive production with a lot of people involved, you need to understand -- as a small business -- that video production isn’t and will never be just plainly cheap. It’s still going to cost you a pretty sum, but as you make efforts to ensure ROI in the foreseeable future, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

In fact, the more you spend on production, the better your final output will be. This is the first tip, but we’ll say it now.Killer videos are your ROI.



Strategize Your Video Positioning


As we all know, no matter how great your marketing videos are, if nobody’s watching them, it’s a lost cause. It doesn’t serve its purpose. It’s useless.


Proper and strategic distribution is a huge part of the video marketing to ROI conversion process. It’s important to ensure the success of any kind of content. So, the most obvious advice many experts would give is: put your videos up onYouTube -- the second largest search engine, and share it widely on social media.

But above all, never forget the point of the video. Why are you taking part in video marketing in the first place? You’re doing this to generate leads -- qualified leads at that. YouTube is a good place to make your videos visible, but be sure to create a dedicated landing page for it. Point your target audience to your webpage. As studies would have it, 60% of visitors will watch a video before reading anything from the webpage.


Engage them even better with social CTAs, blog promotions, and your other related materials featured on the landing page.



Go Technical with Video Marketing


Videos on the internet don’t have to be the equivalent of short film productions, but there is one grand rule that every production crew must adhere to. And that’s the technical aspect of video production as a whole.


Conform with fundamentals of video production.From the conceptualization to the scriptwriting, and then the actual production (mind your visual composition; i.e. the rule of thirds), right down to the editing. Every stage of video production -- pre to post -- must be taken into account and planned carefully; down the tiniest detail if you want to create a comprehensible video that hits home with your audience.


And when it comes to choosing the right equipment, you don’t have to worry much. Because as pointed out in the very first tip, so many options are available in the market now. From your smartphone to a reasonably priced directional microphone and a lighting kit, you’ll find options and you can choose wisely.



You Don’t Have to Go Viral


Don’t take this to mean that going viral is useless; it’s not. On the contrary, if your video does go viral, then that’s awesome. More power to you.

But while going viral is very desirable --because let’s be honest, it’s an instant win you can’t control -- you can’t plan for it. Many marketers make the mistake of thinking that the only way their video marketing will succeed is if it goes viral.


Just because your video didn’t go viral doesn’t mean it's the end of your video marketing road. Video content will continue to bring major improvements in your ROI in the foreseeable future. Nowadays, videos generate three times as many monthly visitors to a website as text posts do.

For one, going viral means creating something that will appeal to everybody --positive or negative. Best to focus on brainstorming video content that appeals to your target audience.


Creating tailored and highly targeted messages based on their personas, buying behaviors, and interests would be more valuable for driving leads and sales. That’s more practical and useful to you than trying to be an overnight sensation and being forever remembered as a meme without engagement and leads.



Know What Your Target Audience Wants


Perhaps the biggest factor that will help you follow the four other tips stated above is this one. Produce videos based on what your target audience wants and needs. Don’t try to force feed them videos that they don’t care about. Because, again, no matter how awesome your video is, if nobody’s watching it, your plans have failed.

So do some research on your target audience to know what kind of video marketing they prefer. You can also interact with them some more in your business’ social media accounts.



Find Out What Works Best


The key to multiplying your ROI for your video marketing efforts significantly is by paying close attention to, not just your target audience, but your competitors as well. Especially important are your key performance indicators (KPIs).


Track important video marketing statistics like: 

●     The number of videos your qualified leads consume.

●     Which videos your target audience and converted leads are watching.

●     The number of viewers who stick around for the whole video.

●     Time on landing page.

●     The percentage of consumers who respond to your CTAs.

An advantage of uploading your videos to your business’ official YouTube channel is that you can make use of the site’s analytics -- the watch time, the views, current subscribers, impressions and their click-through rate, the traffic sources, as well as top countries. You can also make use of Google Analytics to track your website’s behavior.


As a result of paying attention to factors like these, you’ll know which types of videos resonate the most with your target audience. Your advisable response would be, of course, to amplify them, cater to their preferences, and improve what needs to be improved.



The Takeaway


In all respects, video marketing is a powerful addition to any business’ marketing strategy. There are varying opinions on what works and what is, essentially, a waste of company money. But if you take the time to pay attention to how your target audience responds to your videos, you’ll find something that works for you.


Videos, after all, are just another metric that can be used to determine a prospect’s interests. Take the time to look at the interaction with your video content. Doing so will let you easily see which leads are more relevant to begin targeting with directly.


To generate multiplied ROI for your video marketing, you need to:

●     Host your own production,

●     Consider where you put your videos,

●     Follow the fundamentals of basic video production to create competent video outputs,

●     Focus on creating highly-targeted messages for your leads instead of trying so hard to go viral,

●     Pay attention to what your audience wants, and

●     Find out what works best.


Today’s digital marketing environment calls for startup companies to make use of video marketing -- the imminent future of content marketing itself -- to get the most ROI for your efforts.

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